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How to compare moving quotes

When comparing moving quotes, there are some elements that you'll need to evaluate that will help you make the best decision for your upcoming local move here in Indianapolis. We'll highlight what you'll need to look for so you can select the best mover.

How moving quotes differ from each other for the same move

All moving companies have their set rates and how they charge. It's important to know how they charge and what their different rates are so you can understand how the estimate and final invoice work together.

Phone estimates compared to in-home moving quotes

If you have the availability, we always suggest doing an in-home estimate. It'll give the moving company all the information they need to provide an accurate estimate. If you're comparing two different moving quotes and one was over the phone and the other one was provided after an on-site visit. You can almost always guarantee that the on-site visit will be the most accurate moving quote. It's hard to determine over the phone the right size crew needed, the amount of items, distance traveled from the home to the truck, interior access, and other factors that play a factor in the timing of a move that only an in-home estimate can identify.

Different sized crews

Every mover has different sized crews they send out to match the output of the job and each crew size has a different hourly rate. When I personally quote homes, determining the crew size is one of the most important decisions that I can make. In most cases adding an extra man to a job that needs one will likely decrease the overall cost of the move even though the hourly rate is higher. With that being said, when you receive your competitive estimates you'll receive different recommendations for the size of crew and estimated hours to complete. This is where you need to use your best judgement and lean toward the moving company that you feel is the most knowledgable and trustworthy. In-home estimates are the best way to discover who knows their stuff and who can be trusted.

Travel charge vs. no travel charge

Most moving companies charge their hourly rate on their way to your home and back to their office. We have decided that it's better for our business if we don't do that if your address is within 20 miles of our office. It is understandable why some moving companies do this but if they do it's important for you to know so you can understand the actual estimated time it takes to complete the move and the estimated additional travel time the crew will take to perform the entire round trip.

Is the price too good to be true?

If you are asking yourself this about a moving estimate you received than it's most likely true. Trust your gut. If something doesn't look right then you know that maybe that moving company is too inexperienced to provide accurate estimates or they will attempt to charge a considerable amount more after your move. Be sure to ask if there will be any additional line items on the invoice compared to the estimate.

We hope this helps our readers compare moving estimates and understand how the price can be different for the same move. If you need an estimate for your upcoming local move in the Greater Indianapolis area please give us a call over the phone, (317) 973-0282, or schedule an in-home estimate with us online.

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