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Packing done right for local moving

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Proper preparation is key for any task in life and it’s no different for your moving day. At first thought, you may not think about everything that goes into properly packing for your move. We'll help you out with one of the most important factors, packing.

Do's & don'ts of local packing for moving

Keeping your items safe for your move is a critical component of moving day. If you elect to pack your own items there are some important things to know. You want to first make sure that you are buying similar boxes to pack your items. Similar boxes are easily stackable and will help ensure consistent balance. Sealing your boxes is another critical component for stacking as well. Use tape to seal your boxes and not interlocking the tops. This improves the stacking because of flat surfaces. Before you seal your box don’t forget to fill the boxes from the heaviest items on the bottom to the lightest on the top and fill the entire box. Keeping heavy items at the bottom and not leaving empty room within the box will help protect items from damage during the move. I’m sure you are like most people and will stock up on newspaper before your move, DON’T! Printed newspaper can bleed on your belongings due to high temperatures. We would recommend packing paper and bubble wrap to keep your items safe.

Keep your household packing organized

Proper packing will also ensure that your moving labor will be more effective. The best way to do this is to start with labeling all boxes. This will help your movers know which items need to get loaded first, the proper way to stack them, and where items belong at the unloading destination. Similar size boxes will also help with the loading process because dollies can be used. It’smuch safer and efficient to load like size boxes onto a dolly compared to different sized ones. Other key tips to helping your labor move fast is to pack books in smaller boxes, use wardrobe boxes for clothes, and to also remove all contents from drawers.

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Packing Tips:

1. Make sure all boxes have a top and can close.

2. Use tape to seal all boxes for maximum safety, do not interlock

3. Label all boxes

4. Use similar size boxes

5. Pack books in small boxes

6. Don’t leave empty room in boxes

7. Put the heaviest items on the bottom of a box and the lightest things on top

8. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes

9. Do not use printed newspaper, it may bleed on belongings due to hot temperatures

10. Empty all drawers into boxes

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