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Tips for moving local in Indianapolis

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Moving day can always be stressful. Here are 5 tips on how to make your moving day more efficient and maybe actually enjoyable.

1. Schedule an estimate to get to know your movers

Getting to know your Movers is very important considering that they will be responsible for moving all of your household items. Two qualifiers in the hiring process is to know if your Mover is insured and are they licensed. If you are talking to a company that can't answer yes to either of those qualifiers then you should keep looking. If the Movers you are talking to meet the first stage of qualifications then don't be afraid to ask for a free estimate. It's important for both parties to enter into the move with the most information possible on each other. It's important for the customer to understand how pricing works and price expectation just as important as it is for a Mover to see the job. A successful move is one that has a plan and this is the best opportunity for a Moving company to start their game plan on how the most efficient way to complete the move is. Get your free online moving quote today.

2. Decide if you want your movers to provide packing services

This tip might be the most important part in the entire moving process and could make or break the efficiency of the move. You might not believe it but some individuals enter into their moving day without having their household goods packed. I’m sure this won't shock you but it can change the move entirely. If you do not have time to pack your household goods or if you prefer a professional to do it for you, that will be something that needs to be discussed beforehand so clear expectations can be maintained throughout the entire process. Check to see our packing rates and moving supplies with delivery options.

3. Give your local mover room to operate

You will be pleasantly surprised how much faster your move will go if you allow your movers to operate without distractions. If you have any pets such as a dog it's best to either have them boarded or watched by a trusted friend/relative during your move. Multiple doors will be propped open to allow easy access in and outside of the home which doesn’t make it conducive for household pets. Young kids also provide a distraction as well as a safety concern. Heavy items are moved in the process and it's safe to keep children outside of the work area.

4. Know the best route between homes

This tip doesn’t take much work. I’m assuming that if you are moving you have already driven on the route between your current home and your new home. If on that route you will encounter lots of pot holes, road construction, high traffic, or other obstructions please work with your Mover to find the best alternative route. Even the tightest packed trucks can sometimes be no match to a road full of potholes or other obstructions. It’s best to plan the smoothest route possible to keep all of your household goods safe. Its also important to make note of the areas that your movers will be traveling on your moving day. Taking an alternative route during times of high traffic can keep the move on pace.

5. Have a clear vision of where you want your items in your next home

When it comes time to unload the truck it’s a good idea to have someone directing the moving crew on where to place the items coming off the truck. You hired them for a reason, you might has well make sure that your items get placed where they belong. Before your Movers leave be sure to do a final walk through to even make sure the couches are facing the right way!

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