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When is the right time to schedule your move

Depending on your schedule and time frame, there are ideal and non-ideal times to schedule your move. We'll help you discover the right time to schedule your move and how to help you if you're moving on short notice.

The Perfect Situation: You've got time to plan your next local move

This is your ideal scenario. You've got plenty of time to plan not only your move but how everything else is going to work switching addresses. We'll highlight important steps on how and when to schedule your upcoming move along with tips on how to hire the right moving company for you.

Receiving your moving estimates

Since time is on your side, take the time to schedule in-home estimates to get to know your local movers. Most local movers provide in-home estimates for free. It's their way to build a relationship and trust with potential moving customers and to provide accurate moving estimates. Once you have received all your moving quotes, it's now time to evaluate each moving company and their quotes to eliminate or elevate the right moving options for you. See our other blog post on why in-home estimates are the best way to receive moving quotes.

Making a decision on which mover to hire

Price matters when evaluating moving estimates but so does the quality of work the company provides. Hiring movers is true to most purchases you make in your life, you get what you pay for. That doesn't mean that the most expensive company is the best but if you see a price that's to good to be true, it most likely is. The best way gain insight into the quality of work a moving company provides is to read their reviews on third party websites like Google, Facebook, or Thumbtack. Once you have decided which moving company to hire it's now time to select a date with them for your upcoming move.

How to select a date that'll work well with your move

This is the easy to do when you're working ahead. Discuss with your moving company multiple dates that will work well for your schedule and they'll collaborate with theirs to find a suitable date. We advise that you never schedule a move on the last possible day you need to be out of your current residence and that you ask the moving company you're about to hire if they use their own employees or contract work. The reason why you never want to schedule a move on the last possible date is because weather does play a factor in the moving process. At times movers are subjected to harsh elements that provide an unsafe work environment. Good moving companies care about employee safety and may not have their crews work in lighting storms, ice storms, or blizzards. It's important to ask a mover if they use their own employees is because you'll be receiving a trained moving crew. Unfortunately some moving companies use temporary contracted labor to fulfill extra jobs on their schedule, which in most cases lowers the quality of work.

Moving On Short Notice: Not ideal but you've got this!

Things happen and you've got to be out of your place quick or time just got away from you and you realize that you need to move next week. It's more common than what you think and the good news is that quality moving companies know how to take the stress away from last minute moves. We'll highlight how to make this process easier and when/how to schedule your move.

Take the movers next available in-home estimate

At this point in the process you are at the mercy of the moving company's schedule. This means that if you want to receive your in-home estimate you might have to leave work at lunch or take a half day to invite your potential movers into your home. Even though you'll be tempted to hire over the phone, avoid this if you've got the opportunity. The good moving companies will have strong communication with you the quickly provide all the necessary information to let you know if they have available and what their pricing is so you can make a quick decision.

Realize that your mover will be doing their best to fit you in their current schedule

Good chances that the mover you select has their calendar almost full for the next 2-3 weeks. With that being said most moving companies leave a little room in their schedule for last minute moves because they are so frequent. When scheduling your move on short notice you should know that if you are requesting a move on the last day or first day of the month you may not get your preferred date and you most likely will not get a date on a weekend. Come to the table with an open calendar and you and your mover will collaborate to find the best time that works for both parties.

Be flexible on moving day

Since movers are fitting your last minute move into their calendar they will have to work with the crews they have available. In some cases that means you might have an extra person on-site which effects the total invoice but it's the only crew available to complete the job on short notice. You'll most likely will not get an exact time of arrival but a window of arrival. This is because the crew you'll have that day may be doing a move before they get to yours.

Ask lots of questions

It's not uncommon for some moving companies to always have availability on any day you want on short notice. This is because they hire temporary labor when they get an overflow of work on any given day. This experience will not be as enjoyable as a trained moving crew and leaves room for unfortunate events. You want to also make sure that you understand the movers schedule and if they are guaranteeing service or if they are just "attempting to fit you in". The two are very different so make sure you know which commitment you are receiving.

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