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It's smart to do an in-home estimate

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

From our experience, potential moving clients typically receive a range of estimates for their upcoming move. This leaves the consumer confused and wondering why some moving companies are estimate more or less. Skip all the confusion and hassle by inviting the moving companies into your home to do free estimates!

In-home estimates give the moving company all the available information to provide accurate moving quotes

There are multiple reasons why moving estimates can be different between selected moving companies. We'll attempt to provide some insight into why that is and what you can do to help yourself.

Over the phone estimates compared to in-person moving estimates

In some cases quoting over the phone makes sense. If you are moving a couple pieces of furniture or if you're in a small one bedroom apartment, you should feel comfortable receiving estimates over the phone because you're most likely just paying the minimum moving fee. For everything else, phone estimates are purely a guessing game that in most cases are missing many pieces to the overall puzzle. In-home estimates give the moving company the opportunity to get a clear picture of your move and understand the scope of work. We provide FREE in-home estimates for our clients so everyone can confidently book their move knowing accurate pricing.

In-home estimates help the consumer understand a moving company's rates and how they charge

Each moving company has their own set rates that they charge for moving services. Most local movers charge clients by the hour with additional fees that typically cover the costs of the truck and the supplies used. When you receive your moving estimate make sure to ask additional questions about the details of each charge if you don't understand them or if they are vague. This will help you understand competing moving quotes and avoid potentially bad experiences.

You have a change to experience the professionalism & knowledge of the company before hiring

This may be the most beneficial aspect of scheduling an in-home estimate. As a client, you'll have to opportunity to see if the company in punctual, responsive, professional, knowledgable, friendly, and most important trustworthy. Remember that not only is the moving company evaluating your move and if its work they'd like to take on but you should be evaluating them outside of just price too.

The client has a personal relationship and contact with the front office of the moving company

Creating quality relationships in your personal life and also in a professional setting is always beneficial. During your in-home estimate you can have an honest conversation with your moving professional and establish trust with both parties. Moving companies are always managing risk and most will only work with trustworthy clients. The same is true for consumers too. The great moving companies understand the trust that is being placed onto them with taking care of someones personal possessions.

We would like the opportunity to provide an in-home estimate for your upcoming move

Please give us a call at (317) 973-0282 or schedule online through our secure estimating contact form.

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